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Together, not by chance

In our activity nothing was born by chance.
Neither the selection of the name “Vitamed” which underlines the relevance of medicine in our life.
Nor the location of the office : in the center of Milan, in a neighborhood with efficient pubblic transpotation and easy to reach.
Nor the date of the opening (March 1st 2001) which coincided with the new century.
Nor the will to work together.
Just because we had the same training pathway although each has different specialties but complementary, we have the same vision clinical / scientific that we apply in our daily work in the interest of the patient.
Together to make you smile.


To Listen before treating

The “narrative medicine” is our muse. Before starting a treatment we leasten very carefully the problems, the needs and expectations of our patient who becomes the protagonist of a shared path.

Our multidisciplinary approach has allowed us to develop expertise in the most complex problems.


One for all, all for your smile

Trust is the key to building relationships that are strengthened with time.
Knowing the history of each patient allows us to achieve results that meet your expectations.
Our work is based on dialogue, both with patients, with whom we discuss the various therapeutic solutions, and among us.
Each clinical case is different and unique; the best choice is made collegially.